Switching From Sphere 2013 To Family Pack 2015

Hello, my Sphere 2013 subscription will expire in about two months. Since I've read that the Family Pack is about the same, I was wondering if I can switch to the latter and just replace the licence key, without reinstalling anything (since all versions already are 2015 now). All machines are using the same licence key, connected to a single mybitdefender account.

Will I have a problem if some of these machines are connected to a Windows domain (lab) ?

Thank you


  • Hello,

    You will not have any issues activating the license key that comes with Bitdefender Family Pack on your Bitdefender Sphere products. There is no need to reinstall the programs.

  • That's good news. From what I know, most security software would require a fresh install to upgrade. Can I also please ask for a link where it shows a step by step guide onto doing this please? 1.gif

  • Here's an update about my case: I bought that Family Pack 2-3 weeks ago, and was able to use the new license 'in-place'. It couldn't have been easier because the actual products didn't change: Total Security and (Android) Mobile Security.

    As for the how to: on the main window of the program, bottom left where "X days left" appears, when it turns red, one clicks there and enters the new licence key in the next window.