Help: How To Delete Avangate Account?

Hi guys,

I'm already using Bitdefender Total Security 2015 and I'm very happy with this antivirus. But something that I notice after the checkout is that the option Continuous Protection was selected, and that allows Avangate to store my credit card number. I don't want my payment method details stored with Avangate, even if they disable the auto renewal. How can I delete my Avangate account?.




  • I think, if I'm not mistaken, BD has payments sent to Avangate directly. You can probably contact Avangate and see if there's any way around for this. 1.gif

  • Go to your Avangate account?, log in>Support>Contact us. I looked through this when you posted yesterday and couldn't see any way of getting your card details removed.

    Other than that you should contact Bitdefender via e-mail and make your request through them.

  • JosMc
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    Hi guys,

    Well, this was the answer of Avangate Support:

    Dear Customer,

    We inform you that we have taken into account your communication and we are here to assist you the best way possible.

    Regarding your request for cancelling the Avangate myAccount, please be informed that, unfortunately, this option is not currently available from a technical standpoint.

    The Avangate myAccount is directly linked to the orders registered in our system, and as a result it cannot be deleted.

    Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

    What should I do? Can bitdefender unsubscribe my Bitdefender purchase from the Avangate database?

    Bitdefender still don't answer my messages.

    My order ref #: 32702700

    and one of my ticket numbers is 2014112118530001.