Enabling Real-time Protection Fails!


I just wanna ask some help about my installed bitdefender total security 2015.

The real-time protection seems disabled and I really don't know why. I can't even enable it, I've tried fixing issues by clicking the red icon but failed! T_T

Ohhhh.. why ohh why. I tried reading some forums relating with my problem but none of those posted solutions were successful.

Some say "Uninstall other antiviruses", but I don't have any AV installed, except for windows defender of course cause my laptop is running win 8.1.

Please help! Thanks!



  • Hello japun,

    Make sure your product is up to date, right click on the BD icon in the system tray and click "About". It should show build, if not click the Update on the BD interface, let it complete and then reboot your computer.

    Is your license registered? Bottom left of the BD interface click on the "number of days" and check that it is.

    If all fails run a repair. Control Panel>Programs and Features>Bitdefender 2015. Double click and choose "Repair". Let it complete and reboot your computer.

    When you installed Bitdefender it should have turned off your Windows Defender, it shouldn't be running at the same time so open your charms bar, search for Defender and make sure it is disabled. You should not have any other security program running, that includes anti-malware or anti-spyware ones. make sure they are uninstalled.

    If you still have problems, post back. :)


  • My hunch here if the reinstall and repair doesn't work is not you may have another security software running on your computer. Or might be not completely uninstalled. I think you need to double check that too. 1.gif