I'm testing Internet Security 2015.

I don't have major issue on my laptop with windows 8.1.

But on my parents laptop, with windows 7, there are some issues. They are complaining that now i takes too long to boot. I disable "early boot scan" and got rid of the very long black screen. Is it safe to disable?

Anyway, they are still complaining it's much slower than the previous security software. Need some help.

Thank you


  • Ho Slowdive, you might want to check the Windows optimize from BD below and see if it will work for you. 1.gif

  • slowdive
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    Thanks for replying.

    That would be a useful tutorial if my parents laptop was slow all the time. But that only happens with bitdefender. The moment i uninstall it, everything is back to normal. Just by curiosity i installed bootrace. With bitdefender installed, i get 1 star (out of 5 stars) on boot speed. That's the worst performance possible. Without bitdefender and with another security suite, i get 2,5 stars. That's not great, but way better. The initial boot isn't the only problem. After everything is loaded it remains slow for 5 to 10 minutes. Without bitdefender there is no such problem after boot.

  • To solve your boot delay issue, make sure you have the latest build ( and then:

    Open Bitdefender and go to Protection -> Antivirus -> Shield tab -> Custom -> Miscellaneous tab -> Uncheck: Early boot scan -> click OK to confirm

    That will bring the boot delay back within an acceptable range.

  • DAF44, you didn't read my 1st post, did you?

  • DAF44, you didn't read my 1st post, did you?

    Well, yes and no. Sorry about that. I did miss that you had already disabled the early boot scan but I did make the point that it will bring the BD induced boot delay within "an acceptable range". In other words, if you have done everything mentioned in the tread, I think that's as good as it gets with BD 2015 and the subject hardware.

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    @DAFF44, no worries about missing a sentence, as I still do that too ^_^ Reading forums and threads can get a person a little bleary eyed at times :wacko:

    @slowdive, it may just be a Windows 7 thing for some of us, as 7 can be a little longer to load with BD (my desktop with BS IS 2015 on Win. 7 64-bit) With Windows 8, no problem. You will be fine in disabling early boot scan, as that is a nice feature to maybe enable once in awhile, but when it slows things down too much, can be disabled without concern as Bitdefender's real time shields will take care of the rest.

    As far as PC slow down in general, have you run a full System Scan on your parents laptop? This will help Bitdefender and Photon to cache and learn the PC, and speed things up. Maybe also do a second System Scan a day later. It just may take a 4 - 5 days, some people PCs will adapt sooner, as DAF44 mentioned concerning their hardware configuration, as well as how much is on the HD. Bitdefender is known for top tier performance, so maybe give it a scan or two, and a couple extra days and see if things start speeding up.

    I'm sure you probably confirmed that the laptop meets the minimum (recommended is better) requirements for BD IS, about 1/2 down this page (under Product Screenshots):

    System Scan: open main BD UI -> Protection panel -> Antivirus -> System Scan.

    Kind regards,