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Compatibility With Gigabyte App Centre


Hi just wondering whether it would be possible to incorporate compatibility with Gigabyte App Centre.

After numerous trial and error I discovered my desktop was blue screening on install of Bitdefender Total Security 2015 with error STOP 0x00000124, due to the pre-installed Gigabyte App centre utility. I am interested in using easytune and fan controls through the motherboard so it is unfortunate that I have to choose between either using Bitdefender or my motherboard's utilities. Still undecided which is why compatibility would solve my indecision.



  • columbo
    edited December 2014

    Hi, darktransition

    You can try uninstalling the App Centre, install BD, then install the App Centre (without running it) then adding it into BD Exclusions: Main BD UI/Protection Panel/Antivirus tab/Exclusions tab/Exclude files and folders, and Exclude processes. See if that works, and that you can keep them both.