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What is the significance of the number located in the large Bitdefender icon at the bottom right of my desktop?

Searches have produced nothing.

I am using the updated Internet Security 2015 on a Windows 7 OS.



  • Rohugh

    Hello rbul1,

    If you mean the widget, that is indicating that you have a problem. Click center of that widget, or double click the red Bitdefender icon in the system tray, to open the Bitdefender window. Ay the top you will see a dropdown with a blue spot in it, click that and find the section with the blue spot. That will tell you where the problem is.


  • daman1

    As Ro stated click on the little number inside the widget, then it will bring you to the events screen click on the event option drop down list and the problem area will be in bold click on that and you will see the problem.