Hide Parental Control Logo On Android.


is it possible to run Parental control on Android Phone without the logo appearing? i.e. stealth mode I suppose? I can hide it in the apps list etc easily enough but the logo still pops up when it is running.. I am considering letting my recently 16 year old son loose on the world with no "parental Control" and just wanted to keep an eye on him for a bit - just incase..... He really feels now at his age he should be allowed to be set free and I would rather he thinks he is but still keep a discrete eye on him. I dont even know if that is legal is it?


  • HI martinsshed! 

    Actually it is legal if it's your son and he is not 18 y.o 

    You can try tapping on notification 2-3 second and there will be option "to not show notification from this app"

    This function sometimes differs by the model of smartphone.

    Cheers! default_happy.png

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