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Cannot Acces Tickets


I know this place isn't the right place, but I cannot get acces to my tickets at

I've had this previously, but never found any solution.

I'm using chrome & firefox, both give me the error 'Sorry, the action you are trying to perform is not allowed. - See more at:'

The link refers to the same page with the same error.

Someone who had this too and knows a solution?


  • bocaratonsh
    edited July 2015

    The problem might be with your user account. Have you tried to contact BD support yet via email? For the issue to be clear, can you also post a sceen shot as well? 1.gif

  • I have tried many ways to make contact BitDefender.

    A short time after this thread was created I received a few e-mails from BitDefender (finally after days of trying to get any contact with BitDefender)

    1 that they have redirected my feedback to the department in charge for a ticket that has been closed because I couldn't anwser it.

    1 for a solution that unfortunately didn't work, replied to it.

    The rest of them are mails that I haven't answered my tickets.

    The error:


    To be clear, its not that I don't like their support and products, I really like & love it. But it would be great if I could get in a normal way contact with them for personal assistant with a few issues.

  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭
    edited July 2015


    In the past when I have contacted Bitdefender it has been by email at (or the previous email contact). Whilst they have not been very quick at getting round to replying, and I fully understand that they have a strict rotation system and everyone has to wait their turn, they have always sent an automatic reply with a ticket number. Once contact has been made the follow ups via emails have been efficient.

    I didn't know that even existed, :( so never tried it.