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Vsserv.exe High Memory Usage Fix Not And Other Related Issues


1. BDTS asked for a reboot yesterday

2. After the reboot the bdtl.dll file was nowhere to be found much less the correct file version

3. Did a repair which required reconfiguring BDTS 2015 after repair was complete

4. The repair placed an older version of the bdtl.dll file in the proper folder location

5. Ran a manaul update

6. After update a reboot was required

7. The reboot placed the correct version of bdtl.dll in the proper location

8. Memory sat at about 290 MB on all three of my computers currently using BDTS 2015

9. Ran a System Scan on my W7-SP1 and two W8.1 computers

10. Memory after scan

W7-SP1 450MB It has not gone down after about 20 minutes

W8.1 460MB That was about 15 minutes ago on this computer. Memory is now up to 491MB

W8.1 438MB It has not gone down after about 10 minutes

While the memory problem may not be as bad as it was before a memory problem with vsserv.exe still exists.

Gobbling up 200MB for a System Scan and then not releasing it after the scan is complete is a memory problem. Plain and simple.

I will post back later today on what the memory status is of vsserv.exe about six or seven hours from now or later.

Now while it is true that there is no need to run a System Scan very often. It is a feature of BDTS 2015 and should work correctly. I have not tested other scans to see how much vsserv.exe memory they gobble up and if the memory is released after a Quick or Custom scan. I have also not run back to back System Scans to see if the meory contnues to go up. I will be testing that shortly. However, clearly the memory is not released at least within 30 minutes after running a System Scan.

It should not be necessary to reboot the computer after running a System Scan to get the vsserv.exe memory back down to normal.

vsserve.exe high memery usage problem fixed not.


  • vsserve.exe has been an ongoing issue I think for more than 2 years now. I really don't believe that it would take that long to have a fix for it. 1.gif

  • Nesivos

    One hour later

    1. Ran the second of a back to back System Scan on the W8.1 computer I am not currently using but am logged into. Memory usage by vsserv.exe rose from 435MB to 445MB an insignificant amount. However what is interesting is the second System Scan took only 13 minutes vs 29 for the first System Scan. It appears that vsserv.exe is storing scan results in memory and not releasing the memory thus leading to a susbstantially faster second System Scan. However, who runs back to back System Scans with the same AV product? No one.

    2. Memory usage by vsserv.exe on my W7-SP1 over the last hour since the System Scan has dropped from 450MB to 381MB. That computer has had Firefox open during the hour but with no browsing taking place.

    3. Memory usage by vsserv.exe on this computer with Firefox open but with no activity over the last 30 minutes ramains at around 490MB

    I see no reason for BD 2015 not immeidately releasing vsserv.exe memory after a scan is completed. This was never a problem with BDW8 Security.

    I will make another post later in the day on vsserv.exe memory usage on this computer Since a System Scan is not run very often I will reboot this computer after completing this post and follow the progress of vsserv.exe memory usage over the next five or six hours to see if it remains below or around 300MB, which IMO is too high to begin with. Especially given that the typical memory usage of vsserv.exe with BDW8 Security was under 50MB. Is the extra 250 MB of memory usage needed for superior malware detection or is it a design flaw? I used BDW8 Security for over two years on two to three computers and only one time did a one of the computers have malware implant itself on one of the computers. it was a keylogger. It really is a shame that more people did not use BDW8 Security. If they had Bitdefender may have updated it for Windows 10. IMO a superior product even though it was from 2013. A real shame.

  • Nesivos

    Okay I decided to wrap this up at this time.

    It appears when BDTS 2015 does reclaim some memory after 30 minutes or so. About 70MB if the computer is not being actively used and maybe 35MB with the computer being actively used.

    One other thing I just thought of is this.

    While vsserv.exe in BDW8 Security uses less memory, like I said about 250MB less it uses a lot more virutal memory. Maybe as much as 400MB more. As we know virtual memory is disk drive memory. It will be slower than RAM memory even if the virtual memory is on a SSD. I have also noticed BDTS 2015 is lighter and faster than BDW8 Security. So what I am concluding is Bitdefender decided to sacrifice RAM memory usage for speed. I can understand that decision since people love speed with regard to their computers and most people today have at least 4GB minimum RAM on their desktop computers and probably the majority have 8GB RAM. Some even now have 16GB RAM on their desktop computers. So adding an additional 250MB of RAM usage to speed up the product is a reasonable choice..

    I am now considering this subject closed unless I notice a huge spike in vsserv.exe memory during the rest of the day, which I think is unlikely. Out of here for now.