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Automatic Renewal

Last year I purchased 2 licenses of Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 and bought prior bitdefender products. Anyway, I received an automatic renewal email from Avangate customer service.

Email details......... Avangate will automatically renew your license for the amount of 159.90 USD, using your registered information. A separate email with the transaction details for this recurrent billing will be sent to you on the expiration date.

I was able to successfully stop automatic renewal through Avangate account. Didn't know password, but was able to reset it and get in.

What is the benefit of automatic renewal :unsure: ?

I was only going to renew one license, maybe get others later on, not sure I'll get any now. I build computers for others and usually install virus protection of my choosing. For some reason Avangate was going to charge me $159.90 USD :rolleyes:, (I live in Canada, so what is that....$210 CAD?). I noticed on your site you are offering same product for approx. $40 CAD (1 license). So automatic renewal would have cost me an extra $130 CAD if I wanted 2 licenses?

Auto renewal should be an option when buying, maybe a little checkbox for those that do.

I have about 5 days before expiry date..........I don't think I'll be renewing bitdefender.


  • What is the benefit of automatic renewal :unsure: ?

    Auto renewal should be an option when buying, maybe a little checkbox for those that do.

    Hi Kopitar11,

    I do not use Avangate. Anyway, to answer your first question: the benefit is always for the company who takes advantage of the distracted buyer.

    Lots of companies do that... You have to check thoroughly and cautiously before you buy a service to deactivate the button "automatic renewal" before sending your approval. I guess Avangate let the buyer choose that too?

    You'd better email them to cancel your subscription.