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Compatability Problem Between Bd Internet Secuity2015 And Microsoft Office


There appears to be a compatability problem between BD Internet Secuity2015 and Microsoft Office 2007 on Windows 10 64-bit.

I have a new PC with factory Windows 10 64-bit installed (fully updated) and with MS Office 2007 (fully updated) and BD Internet Security 2015 (fully updated). Randomly, but frequently, both Word and Excel files (and possibly others, but not tried) fail to save to my hard drive. The system freezes and it is necessary to terminate the process (ctrl-alt-del) at which point the file (or at least the filename) disappears. It is replaced by one or two files that have either a file extension of '.tmp' or no file extension at all. These can be opened by excel in order to recover the last successfully saved file. Very similar problems have been reported by other users recently but it is clearly not fixed.

Until last week I had used MS Office 2007 on a PC with Vista SP2 32-bit in the presence of BD antivirus products for more than 5 years with no such conflicts.

After much effort I think I have a temporary fix for this problem. The problem appears to have temporarily resolved, so far, by changing Bitdefender settings in the Antivirus section by excluding the excel and word document folders from on-access scanning. This has worked so far, but a permanent fix needs to be developed by BD in order that these folders not be excluded from scanning.