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Bis 2015 Starts Slow?



So anyone knows what is wrong? Help me, please :)


  • Rohugh

    Hello leminhhieuctvn,

    Try disabling the early boot scan, often the cause of slow boot_s.

    Open the BD GUI by double clicking the BD icon in your system tray, click Protection>Antivirus>Custom box>Miscellaneous tab. Uncheck "Early Boot Scan".

    Let us know if that makes a difference.


  • Thank you for your reply,Rohugh :)

    It's late at my place, so I'll try later tomorrow (I'm from Vietnam). I'll try and reply later :D

  • Rohugh, I tried the solution you gave me, but it didn't work :mellow:

    Windows started, other programs such as: IDM,Garena+,... started, but about 2 minutes later from the windows had started, Bitdefender showed the banner:"Bitdefender.Awake"; the pointer at the Bitdefender icon says:"Bitdefender services are loading...."

    Is my computer safe? Any other solutions? Help me, please :D