Bd Reliability And Trustworthiness

What is going on with BD. I am beginning to wonder about BD software reliability and trustworthiness.

I run W7 and FF 40.0.3 and BD Total Security 2015. My BD TS 2015 just crashed , giving me an error message

that it had experienced a "Critical Error" and was sending a report to BD. 3 or 4 days ago, I got a red x in a black

circle superimposed on the traditional white B in red square icon in the System Tray. The warning message I am

getting was and is "Warning: multiple issues are affecting the security status of this PC" But, I also get message

"You Are Protected.. This System is safe." I have run my programs: +Antivirus, +Vulnerability, +Web Protection,

+Firewall, +Intrusion Detection, +Tune-up, -Wallet (most Websites cache, but some do not), -Safepay, some do

synchronize with Wallet, but some do not, -Anti-theft (AT reports I am 10 miles from my hearth and home as I

write this, but I know I am not!) I have not used either oFile Protection or oEncryption, given my problem. I do

not trust BD TS2015 now or want to risk losing files if I do. Today, I also got a FF message warning FF users to

be careful about using BD because BD did not have a security certificate on file with FF. What is this all about? Is

BD or is it not safe to use?