Bdts15 Slows Win10 System Performance Too Much

De-installed BDTS15 from Win 7 using "The_New_Bitdefender_UninstallTool.exe"; Then upgraded to Win10. Then downloaded "bitdefender_is_19_64b.exe" and installed in Win10. Surprise -- Win10 system slows to the point it is unusable. Apparently too much memory consumed (3 GB memory in system) caused response to be slowed to a crawl. This is unacceptable. I've uninstalled BDTS15 and system now works as usual. Considering obtaining a refund for at least one recent renewal. Will not re-install until advised of a resolution. BDTS has been a reliable and stable product but no longer usable. Please advise. Trouble ticket 2015091018350003 has been opened.