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Can, Log In Central Show Unknown Error

edited October 2015 in Central

What in the ###### is happen with Bitdefender first of all why my e-mail wich i,m registrered about 10 years is not accepted

in this forum and why i can,t log in or register in central but in i have no problem to log in with my e-mail and

password and a previous version i use is Total Security 2015 and now Total Security 2016. I try to chat but i get an error can,t connect please send

e-mail and i send e-mail but i have no answer about 4 days.


  • Hi DejanMK,

    Thank you for reporting the error and please accept our apologies for the situation encountered.

    Please be informed that case number 2015093013050004 has been opened in our support system.

    The information written here will be sent by e-mail to you also, at the e-mail address used to purchase the products.

    First of all, I would need to inform you that no Bitdefender Central account was created using the e-mail address that was specified in your post(I have deleted it, since it's considered to be confidential information).

    We would recommend clearing the cache and cookies from your browsers, then create the account using the e-mail address and validate the license key, in order to activate the 2016 subscription.

    Please let us know if you would require further assistance.

  • dekibt

    Thank you Paul but like I said in my post I,m unable to log in or create an account I try to log in or create using Bitdefender interface, Microsoft Edge

    wich is repleace for IE I,m using Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit and also I try with Google Chrome but I get same error message (Unknown Error !)

    On Microsoft Edge and on Google Chrome I get this error: (Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.) So what to do?

  • dekibt

    Hi guys problem is solved and I hope that will be no problem anymore. First I try with IE, Chrome and Microsoft Edge no luck than I try Opera and success

    I create an account and log in with no problem I don,t know what was a problem with other search programs but now it,s ok Bitdefender working good.

    Thanks for your slow or quick respond this is for some one from Bitdefender support.

  • pv7721
    edited March 2019

    3 years later, I have the exact same error, it hasn't been fixed since?!? I've just purchased a license and I cannot create my account?!?


    LE Actually I understood what the issue is: the click here link in the emailis the following: but this is not the good URL, the good one is the one that's attached to an image that's hidden by default in my Yahoo! mail:|c|avangate|activation&lang=en_US&re

    I tried 5 different browsers with the first URL which is obvious incomplete when compared to the second one, and always had the same issue. Simply replace the 1st link with the second one when sending the automated email.