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Just Got It On "black Friday" - Can I Wait To Install?



I just got a good deal with BitDefender. 3 PC's for 1 year for 17.95€. But I still have 117 days left on my main PC. Is it OK to wait with the installation and activation until I get closer to end-date? I also have a laptop (now using just Windows Defender) I want to run BitDefender, so therefore I want to wait, so both PC's will have a full year, if it is possible?

I did not receive a code, just an email with a link to download and auto-activate, so I'm confused about how to install it on PC no. 2, but maybe it will show itself once I get going??!?

But main question ... will my auto-activation work if I wait 117 days to activate it ?

It will be on the same email-account I'm using now (my licens now is only for 1 PC).