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Can't Login To Central After Fresh Installation


Hello. I've activated a new subscription for Bitdefender Total Security 2016, since my 2015 subscription ran out and registered my key at Bitdefender Central. I downloaded new version from there, finished installing it, but I can't login to Bitdefender Central through an antivirus window (It's OK through Chrome). It says "Unable to connect to the server" for two days now. That means my computer is now unprotected, and I can't use product I paid for, since antivirus is not active, when I'm not logged in.


  • All right. 3rd day without any answer to what's going on. I've seen free software having a better support than Bitdefender. Still getting the error, still not protected, but the subscription is still running. Also, the window asking me to login is popping up every few minutes, even minimizing some fullscreen applications. I'm giving it one more day. After that, I'm buying a new antivirus software from another company.

  • Georgia


    To address the issue please save on your PC the file attached to this message first.

    Rename it from bdnc.ini.txt into bdnc.ini and then copy bdnc.ini inside C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Agent

    Choose to replace the file with the same name that already exists in that folder.

    Now check to see if you can login to Central from the installed Bitdefender program.

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14528" data-fileid="14528" rel="">bdnc.ini.txt

  • not help

  • I have the same problem, but before Bitdefender Central opens it says "Missing ID" then proceeds to login username and password but then states that it can not connect to server once email and password is entered and sign in is clicked.

    I reinstalled my Windows 10, and even before i downloaded the new installer i removed my previous computer account details from Bitdefender central. System info Core i7 -4790k @ 4GHz, 32GB Ram. Windows 10 (1511 OS Build 10586.164) I have also been battling for more than 24 hours with this problem. If you want i can send a video clip on how BD Central behaves. Firewall is turned off not sure what to try next. I have even tried the bdnc.ini from above post but nothing works. Tried uninstalling and re installing, repairs but nothing works. :(

  • Hi Guys, I got it working It seems that there is a file missing from the 2 folders below named bdnc.ipv4

    C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2016

    C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Agent

    You need to restart the pc in safe mode and copy that file into the two folders. Restart and and boot normaly and log in. I had to log in twice before it worked. But id did work at least.

    Link to the file below

    Hope it works!!

  • I also found that bdnc.ipv4 was missing from only Bitdefender Agent. It just contains a single IP address (presumably for the update server) and the one from SardukaR was a single address removed from mine. I believe his was .73 and mine was .72. I don't know if it was because of the ip address or the fact that it was missing from the Agent folder but I put his config (.73) into both folders and it worked just fine.

  • SOLUTION FOUND!! - I have been having this problem for months, but have found the solution!!

    Support emailed me the attached 2 new files with these instructions:

    1. Download both files attached to my e-mail.

    2. Restart the computer in Safe mode with Networking by following the steps from this article:

    3. In Safe Mode, follow these steps:

    - open Explorer

    - navigate to these two locations:

    C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Agent

    C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Bitdefender 2016

    - copy the two files to that location and restart the computer back into normal mode.

    In normal mode, please try to login again.

    It Worked for me, Hope it Works For You!

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14815" data-fileid="14815" rel="">bdnc.ipv4

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14816" data-fileid="14816" rel="">bdnc.ini

  • i have this problem and not solve for me. what can i do

  • Sorin G.


    The situation depicted on this thread has been resolved with the recent versions of Bitdefender. If you have not yet updated your Bitdefender please uninstall the current version and install from Central.

    I see that you have opened a ticked with us, we will continue troubleshooting there.

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