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Bitdefender Problem And Complete Lack Of Support


I have registered a support ticket for a problem with using Bitdefender (Total Security) 2016. My problem is a known issue: Bitdefender prevents the "browserlink" feature from working when using Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 5. This issue affects a number of users, and has been discussed on sites such as stackoverflow and github/aspnet. My main issue is not with the problem itself, even though that is clearly irritating, but rather with the utterly bad (completely non-existent) support from Bitdefender.

Bitdefender Support keeps sending me almost the same message over and over: first they apologize for the late answer, then they continue with a "personal" note that seems to be different in each mail, then they go on to ask me to run the support tool. Sometimes, they reply with a set of other requests, like asking me to turn off different functions. The problem is that it doesn't matter what I answer. They still keep sending the same type of emails, requesting information that I've already sent many times and/or told them I cannot provide for different reasons. One such reason being that the Bitdefender support tool never terminates (or, at least doesn't terminate after 10 hours), and thus doesn't generate a log file on my desktop they keep asking for.

I have now tried to communicate with them in about 30 emails in this one issue, and I have yet to get even a single answer to any of my questions. Or any acknowledgement of the answers and information I've provided in response to their requests.

Does anyone here know how I should go about getting Bitdefender support to actually read what I write? Or should I just accept that they don't have any working support and give up?

I still like the product, but the way they treat me from support is so bad it is almost funny.



  • Hitbit

    I have made this point on many occasions. BitDefender is an excellent product poorly supported by its distributor / developer.

    At times support seems lost or simply unable to provide answers to problems being experienced by subscribers many of whom become obviously frustrated and annoyed.

    I wonder how many customers BitDefender will lose as a result of this sad situation. Many will come to a point where discounts and programme quality will not be enough and will move to better supported products or simply stick with Microsoft's offerings. BitDefender need to realize there are many competitors offering high quality products at competitive prices and with excellent / speedy technical support.