Using The Subscription Code For Bis 2016 To Activate Bis 2015

edited March 2016 in Install & activation

Good evening.

I currently using Bitdefender Internet Security 2015(1year/3pc's license) optimized for Windows 10 on 3 machines running, obviously, Windows 10 and I am about to renew my license and upgrade to the 2016 line(1year/3pc's). Because one of my 3 machines doesn't meet the recommended system requirements for the 2016 product, I am forced to keep the 2015 product on that machine.

My question is the following: how do I use the code provided for the 2016 product to renew my 2015 license? I recently opened a ticket with this issue to Bitdefender Support and instead of an answer to my predicament, I got a list of the operating systems that work with the

2016 line of products.

If I can't use 2 machines with BIS 2016 and one with BIS 2015,considering that both products work exactly the same(2015 line uses less resources) I would like to know if it possible to transform the subscription into a normal license in order to use BIS 2015 on all machines?

Thank you in advance,