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What A Buggy Piece Of Manure


Ok, I just purchased this mess a couple of days ago, and I can't believe what a total piece of horse crap this software is. First problem, my computer won't restart. I have to do a hard reset, and at times, have to do a repair. The first "solution" I get is to run some tool, in Windows, and then recreate the problem? Really? So, that's going to tell us something as my computer is restarting, oh, sorry, as my computer is failing to restart? They're still working on that. Then, I try to use the spam filter, and of course the buttons I need, are grayed out (Add Friend) (Add Spammer) So, I'm thinking, I can live with that, until after they get my first problem solved. I move on, I'm thinking I'll go in to settings, and make sure this thing is set to update as frequently as possible. Maybe I'll get lucky, and there'll be a fix come through. Doh, have to create a password, (funny, didn't tell me that the last several times I was using settings) Alrighty then, password set, now I'll tweak those settings, DOH! Enter the password, ok, done. Now we're cooking with gas, right? Wrong. I drag the slider, when I release, it wants the password again, and resets the frickin' slider. I try another couple of times, same result. I think, ok, I'll type a number in, nope, what's the password, timer reset. Now, these are only the major problems I'm having. I'm usually not too hard on a company when some things don't work exactly right, if I don't feel they're critical, I won't complain, and only seek a solution from the company if I can't find a fix on forums, and have some spare time. But this? WTH? I came from Norton Internet Security, which I must say has worked flawlessley for me on several PC's and devices, for several years. But, I kept seeing those reviews saying how bitdefender is the best, and it's so robust blah blah blah. Yeah, it's a bust alright. I'm right on the edge of getting a refund, and going back to Symantec. Not only is it aggrevating that it's buggy as , I don't know if I'm even protected, because I have zero confidence in BD as of right now.