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Bad Pool Header


Since upgrading to Total Security I regularly get a blue screen advising a bad pool header issue and windows need to restart.

I have seen it suggested that there is a compatibility issue with Total Security 2016 and MalWareBytes.

Any information / advice would be appreciated.



  • Malwarebytes is the company. You referring to Anti-Malware Premium?? Sorry to nit-pick for the unimportant technical stuff.

    I had three of those BSODs which went away when I dumped Anti-Malware Premium a few weeks ago.

    Find mbam-clean- in their forum to remove it completely.

  • Hitbit

    Thanks Poster.

    I do indeed have MalWarebytes Premium and find it an excellect programme, having used it for many years now. It and BitDefender Total Security 2015 had no difficulty working alongside each other.

    My difficulties only arose when I upgraded to Total Security 2016. Ideally I would like to see both working together again as I find both offer top quality protection.

    I will ask both companies to try and find a solution.

    Thanks again,