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How Many Hours Does Bitdefender Support Tool Take To Finish?

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I wanted to contact Support to see why Safepay keeps asking about the same site over and over.

The Tool has been running for over an hour

This is a Laptop but it is a i7 -4700M 2.4G w/32 G RAM Windows 10 Prof.

So it is not a real slow computer

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Build


  • Sorin G.

    W8WCA the issue with SafePay has been resolved. Please update your Bitdefender (this being a build update reboot the machine after the update is completed)

    As for the Support Tool if you opted to reproduce the issue the tool will wait for you to interact with the product in a attempt to reproduce the issue. The average time for the support tool is 3 minutes.

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