False 'port Scan Detected' And Now Pc's On Network Can't See Each Other

I have 2 PC's on the network, and one of them said 'Port scan detected' and then the 2 pc's could not longer see/access files on the other pc.

I made sure on BOTH pc's under 'Firewall' that Network Type is Home/Office, Stealth: OFF, Generic ON - which had been working fine.

I have Intrusion Detection off, and Ransomeware off.

The homegroup (Windows 10) shows both pc's connected correctly to the homegroup, so that's not the problem.

I've rebooted router and both pc's and that doesn't help.


  • Hello,

    If you disable the Firewall are you able to access the files ?

    Have you recently upgraded your router's firmware?

    Do you have any other security solutions on those machines?

    Are you using a mapped network drive or through the work-group ?

    What build of Bitdefender do you have on the machine(s)?