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Bd2016 "total Security" Takes A Very Long Time To Start

edited May 2016 in General


So I have been using BD Antivirus Pro 2015 until today with no issue at all.

Now I just upgraded to and installed Total Security 2016, and it takes a very long time

to load and start after a reboot.

Note that I am not talking about boot time here. I still get to my desktop just

as fast as I normally would. It's the program itself.

It just takes like a minute or so *after loading the Windows desktop* before

the BitDefender notification tray icon even pops up

and starts "loading services", and then another 20-30 seconds after that

before it's "Awake" and ready.

Functionally, it seems fine, but this is obviously a small annoyance

and so I am asking if anyone knows the reason for this issue and/or

how to solve it?



My bdagent.exe is version and

the system this is happening on is running:

Intel i7 5820k on an MSI X99S SLI PLUS with

16GB DDR4 RAM and a GTX980Ti.

BitDefender is installed on the C:\ drive on the same

partition as Windows itself. The disk is a Samsung 850 EVO Pro 512GB.


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