Disable For Win10 Upgrade, Mac Install


1) I will be upgrading from Win7 to Win10. How do I temporarily disable BD 2016 Antivirus+ to do the upgrade?

Or can the upgrade be done successfully without disabling BD?

I have searched the forums and did not find the answer.

I have read several posts of issues with Win10. What can I do if I encounter the same?

2) I also want to install BD 2016 Antivirus+ on my Macbook. How do I install using the same subscription?

Four more slots are available.



  • Hello Makule,

    1. You can upgrade to Windows 10 without having to remove Bitdefender, however to be 100% sure you have everything refreshed I would suggest uninstalling the product and then reinstalling from Central to ensure a fresh clean install. Most of the issues are related on the way Windows upgrades itself, it's not quite perfect yet.

    2. Bitdefender Anti-Virus Plus is designed to work only on Windows platforms, for MAC we have the Bitdefender for MAC