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Easy Bypass/disable Of Bitdefender?


Is there a way to disable Bitdefender, pretty much all of its modules, temporarily when the machine is not connected to a network?

Reason? Performance, specifically hard drive I/O during Blu-ray, DVD, CD burning and when recording audio. When doing any of those the network connection is disabled for performance reasons.

Also, when recording audio there is a LOT of disk drive writing of files that do not need to be checked for viruses. (multitrack audio recording streams directly to the hard drive)

Because there are so any individual modules to manually disable there is also a good chance mistakes will be made and modules will not be re-enabled by mistake.



  • Sorin G.

    Hello Kellycraven,

    Well other than going through all Modules and disabling them, you can just disable the modules from the AntiVirus menu and Firewall those two generate the most resource usage. and are easy to re-enable.

  • AndrewPH

    Related to this topic. I want to disable Bitdefended because i don't know the password anymore and i lost recently my email account. How can i disable for a period of time all of bitdefendr's actions and restriction such as parental control or firewall or ransomware protection and so on. Bear in mind i am still conected in my account

  • Sorin G.

    @AndrewPH if you have forgotten your account's password and you cannot access that email you can always contact support and provide all the details to identify you as a customer and have them reset it for you.

    Chat :
    Phone :

    You can however disable the Firewall if you do not have a General Settings Password, for the Privacy Advisor you need to have access to your Central Account.