Solved Outlook Add-In Block

Problem started with Bitdefender 2015 and continued even after installing 2016, both Internet Security. Also started with Office 2013 and continued even when upgraded to 2016. Windows 8 AND 10, problem continued.

Add-in box for Bitdefender Antispam would not stay checked. When you shut down Outlook and reopened it, box would be unchecked and Bitdefender tab would not be available.

Two months back and forth with Bitdefender support, numerous logs sent, numerous uninstalls and reinstalls. For nearly a month there was no response AT ALL from BD support even though there was an open ticket.

I found the solution myself online. It was a regedit, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins(bdo.connect)\value in LoadBehavior needs to be set to 3.

Simple. Countless hours wasted when this should have been the second solution suggested.

BD gets high marks in effectiveness of the software which is the ONLY reason i stuck with it.

I hope this helps someone.