Failing Reboot In Rescue Mode

I didn't do a lot of research before deciding to go with BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2016.

However, I read the review in PCMag, which recommended a preparation step after installing: "Run Rescue Mode and let Bitdefender reboot your system".

So I did. Chose Boot in Rescue Mode SP1 (the only choice apart from a regular Windows startup). It was supposed to open up a non-Windows environment. It seemed fine at first, but after a swift appearance of a command prompt, it all went black.

Any ideas on how to get back to Windows?

Thank you!

(Win7, 64-bit)


  • Please provide us with more details about the situation, basically you went into Rescue Mode and now you see just a black screen?

    When booting the machine you are being asked if you wish to boot into Rescue mode or continue with Windows7, if you select Windows 7 you should load normally.


  • Thanks for replying!

    Yeah, that's right. The laptop has been running with just a black screen since yesterday. I decided not to force it to shut down as I didn't know if this would be safe.

    Would you recommend me to try and force a shut down using the on/off button and start up in Windows mode?

  • Yes, most likely a module did not load properly.