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Could Bitdefender Av 2016 Be Blocking Plex Media Server?


I installed Bitdefender AV Plus 2016 this weekend and noticed last night my plex media server cannot be accessed from outside my home network.

Bitdefender was the only change but i'm not sure how to go about disabling my BD AV + 2016 to try to rule that out as a problem.

Any other thoughts?


  • Sorin G.

    Hello Naeandnate,

    Firstly please ensure you do not have any other security solutions on that machine that may come in conflict with your Bitdefender.

    Since you are using the Anti-Virus Plus you do not have a firewall to filter such connections,

    You can go to Bitdefender > Modules > Protection > Antivirus and disable the two modules there, On-Access scanning and Active Threat Control and see if Bitdefender is the one causing this situation.