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Browser Crash Whenever Uploading Any File


I searched for this topic and was unable to find a working solution.

I just installed BD Antivirus 2016 on a new Windows 10 PC (fully updated 64 bit version). After installing BD, whenever I attempt to upload any file on any web browser (chrome, firefox, edge), the browser crashes. I uninstalled BD, and following restart uploading was working normally. I re-installed, and the crashes occurred again.

I attempted to turn off anti-fishing and all other web protection in the web protection module, and the crashes continue.

So far, the only fix has been to uninstall. On my other Windows 10 PC, BD Antivirus 2015 works perfectly.

Please advise. Thanks.


  • Sorin G.

    Hello Mattterzi,

    This type of situation can sometimes be caused by a faulty add-on or unwanted add-ons that interfere with the better functionality of the browser.

    I noticed that you have opened a ticket with us, 2016052117140002, we will continue troubleshooting on the ticket. Please check your email.

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