I Purchased 10X Total Security 2016 Redemption Keys, I Want To Request Traditional License Keys

I do not want to open a new email account for each of the ten 2016 redemption keys. I want to manage all keys under one account and that seems like it is not possible. When I request a old style license key, it gives me Internet Security in return because Bitdefender thinks I want to install on a Windows XP/Vista machine. I don't like Bitdefender 2016 and would like to convert the redemption keys into the previous license keys. Why am I unable to do so? Been working with support and they're just giving me a run around.

Again, I do not want to open a new email account for each of the ten Total Security redemption keys. That is a unnecessary hassle and it's dumb, I want to manage all my keys under one account. Why has Bitdefender made it impossible to do so? I was able to under the old MyBitdefender. This new Bitdefender Central is a step backwards. Can anyone here resolve my issue?


  • Hello OpTicaL,

    Firstly please ensure you post in the proper section in the future.

    The 2016 version of the product functions only with a Central based subscription, the 2016 product has been designed to work hand in hand with the web interface to facilitate some of the functions.

    If you wish to have 10 devices under your Central account you can make a request to our CS team to merge the number of users. that way you will have 1 subscription for 10 devices. To do so send a email with your request to [email protected]

  • Each key is good for 3 devices, so essentially I can have 30 devices. I would like to use one account to manage all 30 devices. Will that be possible?

  • Hello,

    Yes, you can make a request to our CS team to have all the redeem codes merged into 1 single subscription.

    Simply send a email with your detailed request and redeem codes to [email protected]

  • I also have 2 keys are labeled as invalid. I'm sure those 2 keys are still good. Can I send you a PM of those 2 keys and see why they're suddenly listed as invalid?

  • Hello,

    That job is for the CS team as well. Simply add those two in the same email and I'm confident they will be able to provide you with an answer.

  • Will do. Thank you for your prompt replies!

  • You are most welcome.