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Total Security 2016 Locks Up My Pc After Update


Yesterday Bitdefender said my PC needed to be restarted to complete an update to itself. After that, my PC started to lock up soon after boot. So I go into Programs and Features to uninstall Bitdefender however I decided to use the repair option instead. After that, my PC ran great but I noticed that Bitdefender was not starting with windows. I now had to start Bitdefender manually from the start button. With Bitdefender now running after manually starting it, my PC starts to lock up again. Then I decided to run the new uninstall tool to clean Bitdefender and download a new .exe file from Bitdefender Central for a fresh install of Bitdefender.

Now during the install, my PC locks up again! And during the install, I get as far as 90% when scanning for viruses before my PC locks up.

I can't even get Bitdefender installed without my PC locking up on me. My PC runs great without it, though.

I'm running Windows 10 64bit.

I almost forgot. Windows Defender won't run after all of this. It appears Bitdefender has broken that too.

Thanks for any help.


  • Sorin G.


    Firstly Bitdefender does not interact directly with either Windows Defender or Firewall, it is done through the Security Center.

    I have created a ticket for you to further investigate this situation. Ticket no. 2016070706410001

    Please follow the steps in the email provided and reply with the logs generated from our diagnostic tools.