Log In To Central By Browser Goes Back To Login Page


I have Family Pack 2015 expiring and just bought the Family Pack 2016. I received code and instructions to go to Bitdefender Central. But each time I try to log in, it briefly shows a proper page then redirect back to log in.

Get the same result in Firefox (my main browser), Edge and IE11 (both only used to try this). I even tried it on my phone - all same result.

To make matters worse, the myBitdefender site does not recognise the activation code and tries to direct me to the central site....which I can't log into as above. So I'm stuck with a purchase I can't seems to activate with 19 days remaining on my current subscription.

any guidance appreciated


  • _Rand_
    edited July 2016

    I have the same issue, must be an issue on their side.

    Login, get sent back to the login page on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (iOS) and Chrome (iOS) so its neither a browser or device issue.

  • Hello,

    We apologize for the inconvenience, it was a short downtime.

  • Same issue again just now, and I've just bought Total Security. Please fix it.

  • I am having the same issue. But after the 3rd time of trying it does log me in but when I tried to push an install to my daughter's phone it gave me an error that it could not send the email. Since I am not the only one it has to be on their end. I have only had this product a couple of weeks and this is the first issue, hopefully it is corrected.

  • Hello,

    Again the Central cloud was under a short maintenance the service is up and running.

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