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After A Year Bitdefender Cental Still Does Not Work

edited August 2016 in Central

How can a company have such a good product, I.e., BDTS Multi-Device and such a lousy license/subscription activation process?

The morning my time I decided to surf over the the Bitdefender website and noticed that BDTS Multi-Deivice is having their usual year end clearance before 2017 comes out. Even though I still have over 650 days left on my current subscription I decided to add another year. Obviously I really like BDTS Multi-Device. I received my activation code promptly and entered it into the Activation Box on Bitdefender Central. Lo and behold there was no option to extend my subscription. SMH. So I phoned tech support, they found my current active subscription and my just made purchase for another year. Then the fellow who was very nice and helpful told me there was no way to extend my subscription using Btidefender Central, maybe because i had not received a notice to. Anyway he told me he would elevate the issue and they would take care of it at their end I would receive an email once the remaining days were updated or maybe instructing me on what i needed to do to get the additional days added to my subscription.

So after one year Bitdefender Central is still not able to extend subscription renewals, at least not those outside the "Renew Now" window.

Of course I will go to the Avangate website to see if I have to turn off the auto-renew feature.

Never know what the price will be two years from now and at $49 for BDTS Multi-Device .I think it is as good buy.especially since it now covers five devices. $10 for a year per device is pretty good especially considering the protection and features that BDTS Mutli-Device offers. .