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Cannot open interface from desktop


To start with, I use Bitdefender Plus 2016 and I am on Windows 7. I am also brand new to this place so I apologize if I am not placing this in the correct sub forum, I'm in a bit of a rush.

Recently I discovered that I could not open seccenter.exe at all. The basic interface window. I double click the shortcut, nothing. I try to open it from the root folder, nothing. I can only access my panel through my internet browser.

I reset my machine and when it first started up I could open it from the shortcut again. Once. After that it won't open anymore. 

I tried closing the seccenter.exe through the task manager but I can't. Access is denied, it says. I'm at a loss as to why and how this is happening. Any other program that has done this in the past was an easy fix: restart PC. Not this it seems. 

Yes, this was working fine before. This problem just started. 

Please help? 



  • Alright, new problem. 

    I repaired Bitdefender but now the icon stays grayed out and requests that I sign in, but does not change after I sign in. 

    It seems to not be acknowledging that I am, in fact, signed in. 

    I also have over 300 days left of my subscription but I got an "offer" claiming my subscription has ended and prompts me to renew. 

    What is happening? I really need some help and I don't have a phone so calling is not an option. 


    I have now opened a trouble ticket after some digging to figure out how. 

  • virtualclouds
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    Hi Skoon,

    Since repairing Bitdefender didn`t help you i recommend contacting support center via verify your account with them and they will help you to resolve your problem. 

    BTW have you tried uninstalling Bitdefender with BD uninstall tool?