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Full System Scan: Elapsed Time

Greetings, Bitdefender forums!

Long story short: I have used AVG for quite some time and, after doing some research throughout the day, I've decided to give Bitdefender a try. (Excellent ratings on several review lists and sites!)

I'm using the 30 day trial. Out of curiosity I wanted to run a full system scan (this is after I ran a full scan with AVG, incidentally) to see if Bitdefender came up with anything. Interestingly enough I have 14 resolved issues, 600+ Password protected stuff??. . . and holy cannoli. . . Elapsed time, as of this posting, is 1:21:15 and only 45%? Is this normal for this AV software to take such a long time to scan? Am I to expect this each time I run a full system scan? Some enlightenment would greatly be appreciated, lol.


  • Hello,


    It all depends on your hard-drive and what files you have on that machine. Packed files or system restore files can take longer to scan.

    You will notice that the percentage will remain the same while the number of scanned files keeps on increasing.

  • Hey Sorin,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I ended up speaking with another individual as well and he said the same thing; it depended on my HDD. Unfortunately my HDD is not a SSD. It's also 1.8TB in size. Interestingly enough, though, the initial scan concluded at 1:36:58. It managed to hit 50% and then, quite instantly, said 100%.

    Are future scans going to take this long each time, though, or will it be faster due to the initial scan being completed?