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Repair/Uninstall fails to run


I have Bitdefender AV Plus installed on a Lenovo Thinkpad L460 running Windows 10 Pro 64.

When I try to access Repair/Uninstall, the Windows wheel spins for a few seconds, then goes away then nothing.

Have tried through old-style Control Panel/Programs and Features and new style Settings/System/Apps & Features and also Start button Bitdefender 2016/Repair or Uninstall.

Same results from each method. I am aware that all the above run "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Bitdefender\SetupInformation\{09FE2C2E-BB0D-4848-A706-AA244FA25FEA}\installer.exe"

If I try to run that directly (or Run As Administrator), same result.

Web searches don't show any similar problems. What should I do?

I have the same software installed on another laptop and also another desktop. On both of those, Repair/Uninstall works perfectly. Why isn;t it working on the Thinkpad laptop?

I know there is a total uninstall tool available for download but it seems you should remove BD and BD Agent before using it.

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  • Sorin G.



    That is the general advice to remove the product manually(Control Panel) and then use the tool to clean the machine from any possible leftovers.

    However due to your situation you can use the tool to remove the product from the machine.

    I would also suggest running a System File Checker to ensure the system is in top shape.