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2017 highjack issues



As this is my first post to the forum, please forgive my lack of protocol.  It appears that my security suite keeps getting altered. Or I could be paranoid, either way, something seems off.  I have been having issues with my system for months.  I have reinstalled my OS so many times it's ridiculous.  I believe I have a nasty rootkit buried in the registry. I have formatted the drive and upgraded many times, each time, the problem returns.  I have used the rescue cd to no avail.  This last time, I installed win7 clean, then bd 2017. Things work well for a while, always getting system clean. Then I will get greyed out or simply non functioning.  I ran aswMBR which gave me a yellow code  service bdfwfpf c:\program files\common files\bitdefender\bitdefender firewall\bdfwfpf.sys **LOCKED** 5. Not sure what that means if anything at all.  Also keep getting a pop up about elevation something or another.  Can anyone please advise me on how I should proceed.

Thank You



  • Sorin G.



    Bdfwfpf is part of Bitdefender, you will not be able to alter/access that driver as it is protected by the product and it is a safe file.

    I would advise contacting our support at and providing them with all the details (a screenshot of any errors would greatly assist).

  • I appreciate your taking time to reply.  I'm not exactly sure what is happening. I can post a few screen shots to see if that helps. 

    This is the sshot of the aswmbr scan. Comodo cleaning essentials detected a threat mbr@0. I can only assume the infection is loading before the boot. Yet Bitdefender finds nothing.


  • Sorin G.



    As previously mentioned, best course of action is to contact our support team.

    Also provide them the logs from the Bitdefender Sys Log.

    Please note that having more than one security solution on a machine can lead to conflicts.