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How can I stop quick and full scan pop ups


How can I stop a quick or full scan from popping up just to say everything is ok or that the scan has started?  It really gets annoying.

If I try to edit the task, the "minimize scan wizard to system tray" and "close scan window" are grayed out.

I can make my own scan and check those options but I do not know the different settings between a full scan and quick scan.



  • Sorin G.



    If you are trying to edit the templates, Full System Scan & Quick Scan, those serve as a template and cannot be modified.

    You need to create a New Custom Task and there you will be able to change all the settings and modify it to your needs.

  • What are the differences in the configure scan options between full and quick scan?


  • hello....what are the configuration difference between a full and quick scan?