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Antivirus 2017 Fees


Having been a Bitdefender Antivirus user for a number of years, it's becoming apparent to me the Company is getting greedy in the fees being charged, I no longer afford to keep my 5 personal computers protected, so am going to have to look elsewhere  or just use Microsoft defender for free. It's a good product, but not worth bankrupting one for it. Just my 2c worth on the product. 


  • Sorin G.



    Sorry to hear about the financial situation. However the level of protection offered is noticeable.

    We do offer the Bitdefender Free product that you can use, please note that it does have less features but shares the same virus signature with the payed product.

    Also you can keep a eye out on our website our commercial team often add offers that allows you to purchase the product at a discounted price, beside the offers posted in your Central account and emails sent out.

    This is not the first time you post your 2c, this type of instigation has no place on this forum.