Does BDTS 2017 detect and/or remove Mirai from my devices?

Will it be able to monitor traffic from devices on my LAN other than the PC on which it is installed?



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    Mirai is malware that turns computer systems running Linux into remotely controlled botnets that can be used in large-scale network attacks. It primarily targets online consumer devices such as remote cameras and home routers.

    Bitdefender offers antivirus for Windows, Mac and Android, and the only traffic analysis it performs is when the user accesses a website: to see if the website contains malware or not.


  • Will Bitdefender Box still a current product?


    Can I make a PC on my LAN perform some of the functions of a Box?

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    Yes, however at this time Box is only available in the US. There is no ETA on a global release.

    You could have applications monitor your LAN, however you will have to go through the logs manually.

    Can't think of a more practical solution.

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    I am in the US.

    So, would Box have detected (and prevented?) such malware on IoT's?

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    Basically yes and if should by any chance something get pass it, the vulnerability assessment will prevent any IOT from taking part of their botnet.

  • Good to know.

    You should put out a press release on that.  Not too many people know about the Box.