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Random bootup sequence & Gadget missing


Product and OS: Bitdefender Total Security Multi Device 2017, Windows 10 Home x64

Problem:  Bitdefender seems to randomly choose when to run in the bootup sequence.  Sometimes it shows on the system tray immediately, other times it isn't until 3-4min after boot is complete and sitting at the desktop.  In addition, the bitdefender gadget that sits on the desktop keeps getting turned off by Bitdefender.  I want it on, and I keep turning it on, but it shuts it off after each boot.



  • Sorin G.



    Please use the search function before posting.

    The boot sequence is set to have a 3 minute delay as per Microsoft's policy. We are now using the Task Scheduler instead of the classical method. It was originally set to 1 minute, afterwards it was updated to 3 minutes.



    The Widget issue already has a thread, it is a known issue and it is currently being worked on.