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Total Security 2017 Issues


I am having lots of issues with the new Total Security 2017.  I was running the older version, but due to a fresh install of Windows 10 I downloaded this new update.  This autopilot thing is very annoying, so I turn it off.  The issue is that as soon as I reboot, it turns itself back on.  Why is this?  How can I keep this thing off?  It makes my computer unusable at times.

Secondly, Bitdefender 2017 with autopilot turned on has falsely blocks valid and legitimate virus free software without reporting that it took action.  The previous version of Bitdefender did not do this this with autopilot turned on.  In the worst case scenario, I received a ransomware warning from Bitdefender telling me that a software install was blocked.  I then allowed the software via Bitdefender followed by canceling the install of this third party program and trying again for success.  This new Bitdefender 2017 reports nothing and simply blocks all activity.  The installation program then reports failures.  I had to uninstall Bitdefender Total Security to actually install my valid and licensed software.

My question in this post is how to permanently disable autopilot?  My workable solution is to once again uninstall Bitdefender.

Thank you.


  • Before anyone starts looking into what I asked above, I cannot reproduce this autopilot turning itself back on on my laptop that also has Total Security 2017 installed.  I think this happened only on my workstation, and it could be related to a Windows save point restore.

    There is no need to take any action at this time, and I will figure out what is going on from here.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the bother.

  • Sorin G.



    If you had a system restore done on that machine, I would suggest using the Bitdefender Uninstall Tool to clean the machine and do a fresh install.