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SafePay controls


Can I control what web sites will automatically start SafePay? Currently when I go to a web site that has the word finance in it SafePay opens, even if it is not really a financial site but a news site. When I go to a web site that is actually a financial site, like a brokerage firm, SafePay does not automatically open. Is there a way to specify which web sites should initiate SafePay?


  • Ok. Through some trial and error I figured out how to add sites that I want to have open automatically in SafePay. When I put the URL in the address box and click on the star at the right side of the box to add that address to the bookmarks the prompt window pops up and allows to me select an appropriate action and a Bookmark name. It would have been really helpful, not to mention an extreme time saver, if that information was available on the BitDefender web site, perhaps in the FAQ section. Having bought this just a couple of days ago I am starting to see that useful information for a user is simply not readily available. or at least easy to find. Too bad.

  • Sorin G.



    Thank you for your feedback on the matter.

    I have forwarded it to the proper department.