Major issue with device mngmnt!

Hello- I'm not quite sure where this topic goes, so feel free to relocate it.  I have been using BD Total security multi device 2017, ever since the install, my system has been a mess.  After numerous installs, of windows and av, I may have pinpointed the issue.  The exact same software is on my mothers pc, and I noticed that the three components ( agent, device. Mngmnt, and BD 2017) are the same except for the device management. My icon is different, the file size is twice as high (42mb to 89mb) and when I delete the DM component, my system speeds back up. When it was activated, the firewall started allowing numerous executables. I was also alerted that my network was unsafe.  In task manager, the dmangment executable is dmiface.exe 666kb. Anyone have any ideas on what to do besides not use Bitdefender? This has been my go to protection since 2008.