[Fixed] Firewall Rules Error

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After upgrading the bdts 2017 to build I no longer can add rules to firewall (block some exe) and instead get "Failed to communicate to with the bitdefender server security service".

I noticed that the tray icon takes about a minute to appear - maybe this its normal, I dont know.



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    I can confirm the same on both my Windows 7 HP SP1 x64 systems just upgraded from Internet Security 2016 ( to 2017 ( and on a clean install of Total Security 2017 trial on a Windows 10 1151 x64 test system.

    I emailed bitsy a detailed report and this composite screenshot.  (Tho I just realized I failed to mention the Windows 10 is TS not IS.)

    The firewall appears to function OK otherwise, rules are created and Paranoid mode alerts are as expected.  One can workaround the failure by using the individual applications and selectively editing the rules if necessary.


  • I also can confirm the same issue i have the lastest version of bitdefender TS and windows 10

    Screenshot (91).png

    Screenshot (88).png

  • I have same issue. Has anyone heard a solution?

  • Hello,


    Thank you for the detailed feedback.

    We were able to reproduce the issue on our test beds and was forwarded to our devs for a fix.

    The fix will be delivered via automatic updates.

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    Please run a update on the product and reboot the machine.

    Let me know if the issue still persists after the reboot.

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    @ Sorin G.

    Sorry it took me a while to revisit this thread.

    I sent bitsy the details on Oct 29 and on Nov 2 I got instructions to Update Now from a Senior Tech Support Engineer.  I'm sure you know who she is. ;)

    Reboot.  Problem solved.

    Excellent support!

  • hello,

    thank you for your support, but i face the same problem regarding add new rule for firewall.

    any new solution?? i use bit defender smart security 2017.

  • Hello,


    Please let me know what Bitdefender build are you running on that machine and if you can please provide me with a screenshot of the error.