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New Internet Security 2017 slows IE 11 and Chrome from opening


Installed on 2 PC's. Both are running W-10 Eval. Copy, Build 14955

On my laptop, IE and Chrome take a long time to open, to any web site. Edge browser has no problem.

I have uninstalled and the problem disappeared.

Also, laptop was "Reset" between tries.

Desktop is OK with all browsers.

Laptop is a brand new Lenovo Flex 4.




  • Sorin G.



    Bitdefender supports only the live version of the Windows operating system.

    Insider builds are not supported.

  • Can I then get my money back?

    The note on the Bitdefender site says "Windows 10 Compatible All Bitdefender products are compatible with the latest version of Windows 10."

    There should be a disclaimer "Excluding Windows 10 Insider Builds".

    I would have thought that knowing that there are many W-10 users that have the Insider Builds. In fact, MS has the option put right on the Update Status.

  • Sorin G.



    Please contact our support at for more information regarding the refund policy.

    The product supports all live versions, the insider is considered BETA, a unfinished product that is subjective to changes and glitches that don't usually make it to live version.

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