Disabling Bitdefender AMSI Provider

i currently have EVERYTHING in bitdefender total security 2017 set to manual, features i don't use turned off, and paranoid mode on. this should give me complete control over what is and isn't install without any interference from bdts, but i have run across trying to install or use a certain apps that i get "Bitdefender AMSI Provider Blocked This App To Protect Your Device". this should not be happening with my setting the way they are. i've used bdts for years and swear by it till this behavior. i really need a way to disable or turn this behavior off, or at least temporarily shutdown all bdts services till i get the app i know is clean installed. thanks


  • Hello,


    Please try following the steps below :

    - Open Bitdefender

    - Click on Settings (Cogwheel icon on the lower left side of the interface)

    - Disable Antimalware Scan Service under the General Tab


    Should the issue persist please contact our support team at bitsy@bitdefender.com

  • sorin thanks. i'll give that a shot and let you know.


    actually i do have it off. guess i'll be contacting support again. thanks though info much appreciated 

  • Yeah, disabling Antimalware Scan Service does not disable " Bitdefender AMSI Provider" even after restarting the computer. If I keep disabling modules, I might as well uninstall the whole suite :P .

    Did you solve this?

  • 1 hour ago, GtM said:

    Yeah, disabling Antimalware Scan Service does not disable " Bitdefender AMSI Provider" even after restarting the computer. If I keep disabling modules, I might as well uninstall the whole suite :P .

    Did you solve this?

    i was finally emailed the following:



    Thank you for your e-mail.


    In order to temporarily disable Bitdefender please follow these steps:

    Please restart your computer in Safe Mode. Then go to Start -> Run -> type here "Services.msc" -> locate the Bitdefender Services below and stop them (double click on them -> in the new Window choose "Disabled" next to "Startup type"):


    - Bitdefender Desktop Update Service

    - Bitdefender Virus Shield

    - Product Agent Service

    - Parental Advisor (this service is created only if you use the Parental Advisor module)

    - Bitdefender Device Management Service


    [How to restart in Safe Mode]




    After following the above steps, restart your computer normally and install the software that you need. When the installation is finished, in order to start Bitdefender again, please restart your computer in Safe Mode. 

    Then go to Start -> Run -> Services.msc -> locate the Bitdefender Services below and set them as follows:


    - Bitdefender Desktop Update Service -> put in on Automatic

    - Bitdefender Virus Shield -> put in on Automatic

    - Product Agent Service -> put in on Automatic

    - Parental Advisor -> put in on Automatic

    - Bitdefender Device Management Service -> put in Automatic



  • Thank you!

  • Per title. 

    I am try to run an exe I created. 

    But even after adding an expecption and adding to trusted software. I am getting UAC error even though I had set windows UAC to never.

    I have attached the image.



    are you having any luck?

  • I didn't try it. Practically they ask you to almost uninstall their suite, so it should work. Until I have more time on my hand, I'm stuck to not being able to use several Nirsoft apps.

    Other Bitdefender parts I had to disable:

    • the hosts file protection (there is an option in the settings), because being a web developer I need to customize it and Bitdefender doesn't know to keep my modifications.

    • the scanning right-click menu extension (no option in settings, used a 3rd party app), because that extension freezes Windows Explorer if I right-click on a large zip archive (like a website archive can be). When I followed Bitdefender support's first suggestion I erased all my Bitdefender settings, then their second suggestion was to clean the system and uninstall and reinstall the antivirus. I stopped following their suggestions, the next one could've been to format the disk.

    Too bad I paid based on reviews, I should've tried it before. I'm more and more convinced Bitdefender is not the right choice for me, I need an antivirus that knows what a rule exception is.

  • Hello,


    After you disable Antimalware Scan Service option in the General Settings  you need to reboot the machine for the settings to take effect. At that moment Bitdefender will no longer interface with the UAC.

    We were unable to reproduce this issue on our test beds. Please provide me with a sample application that is being blocked even though the option is disabled and the machine was rebooted. You can upload the sample to a file storage website of your choosing or provide me with a URL where the application can be downloaded.

  • GtM
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    And I did reboot, seems like a requirement for most of the settings modifications I need from BitDefender.

  • MajorstaR
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    Hi folks,


    today I'm proud to present my solution for all of you.

    The posted pic (from user mripra) showed already the final hint....


    It must be a "microsoft problem!"

    Why? The popped up windows has nothing to do with the security software bitdefender,

    even with the announcement "bitdefender" in the showed text of the picture.


    This popped up window is a UAC WINDOWS 10 LOCAL POLICY PROBLEM !!!

    so now: watch video on youtube and search there for the video: watch?v=TQVCZe4dkNA or do this:


    open "Control Panel" > click  "Administrative Tools" > click "Local Security Policy" > on the left click on "Local Policies" > also on the left click "Security Options" > now scroll down

    on the right at the bottom of the windows and double click on "User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode" > check the box "disable" > reboot machine > you're done!


    Big thx to "Fix it!"  from youtube !

  • So, the solution is to disable either the antivirus, or an important security feature of the operating system.

    And, of course, the third solution would be to ditch both the antivirus and the operating system.


    The Bitdefender guys must be Mac/Linux secret agents :P.


    BTW, in case you want to expose yourself with less hassle, you can simply select "View modules", then disable "On-access scanning". This allowed me to to run Nirsoft's Asterisk Logger, no need for that hilarious list of instructions quoted above.