Scan finds malware/virus's, freezes up

edited February 2022 in The Archive

So after a looooong scan of my external USB MyBook Western Digital 1 TB drive, Bitdefender Rescue tells me there are 9 threats and lists them....I have tried selecting 'delete' and then clicking 'fix issues/problems' button...then things just stop, everythings frozen and nothing works so I have to reboot and start the whoooole process over again. I have tried this 3 times now, the first time opting to select to try to repair the files and the other two to delete the malicious files..all three lock things up to where only a push of my pc's reset button gets me out of it...Interestingly, I have tried scanning that drive with ESET's online scanner , and it too freezes after about an hour into the scan and also tried using Microsofts Windows Defender emergency iso runs without freezing, but doesn't fix anything , the window just goes away lol . So how about it? Have I ran into the nastiest malware/virus/whatever that even these scanners can't fix?!


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