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How do you exclude a shadow copy path from on-access scanning?

I've installed backup software that uses shadow copy to access files (Acronis True Image 2017, which came with Bitdefender in the Humble Bundle). I have files that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 on Windows 10 Pro considers infected (I am confident that they are not but that's beside the point here). I was able successfully to exclude them from scanning with the Exclusions setting of the Antivirus module. I simply added the absolute, C:\Users\... path to each to the list of Exclusions.

However, when Acronis True Image tries to access the same files via shadow copy the antivirus does not ignore them.


This prevents True Image from completing the backup.

I tried adding the path reported in the notification shown above to the Exclusions list but the dialog rejects it.


How can I exclude the path?